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Jaw Pain: 4 Treatment Options Atlanta, GA

Jaw Pain: 4 Treatment Options

Woman in Dental Chair with Jaw Pain Atlanta GA

The temporomandibular joint (TMJ) inside of your jaw can become inflamed and cause pain. When this occurs, there are a few treatment options available to try. Rehabilitation If your jaw pain was triggered by something like eating certain foods, then rest or physical therapy on the joint can help alleviate your discomfort. Avoiding hard, crunchy…

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Four Reasons to Consider Getting A Crown

Woman at dental clinic with doctor and his assistant.

A dental crown is a protective shell or cover made from strong material that’s permanently bonded over one of your teeth. There are several reasons why our Atlanta dentist might recommend that you get one, but here are some of the most common. Significant Tooth Decay When over half of your tooth is weakened by…

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Are You A Candidate for Sedation Dentistry?

Patient Under Sedation in Dentist Chair

While modern technology and technique have drastically improved professional dental care, we realize that there is still a notable population of patients who are fearful about going to the dentist. Unfortunately, it is nearly impossible to retain optimal oral health and avoid the dental office altogether. If you are ignoring dental pain or putting off…

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Dental Implants – A Solution For Your Missing Tooth Or Teeth

Smiling senior African American man with arms crossed.

Dental implants are a solid solution for many oral issues you may be experiencing. If your missing tooth is compromising your ability to smile confidently, a dental implant can help restore your confidence and your missing tooth. In addition, if you are unable to talk or chew optimally due to a missing tooth or teeth,…

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Your Magical Smile

Closeup of Woman's Smile Atlanta GA

Do you have a solid plan to win over your potential Valentine this year? If you search the Internet, it will provide you with lists upon lists of the ultimate gifts to give your valentine over the holiday. Does it feel like a mystery to know exactly the best gift to give? If you’re searching…

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Teeth Whitening in Atlanta, Georgia

Professional Teeth Whitening Treatments in Atlanta Our Atlanta aesthetic dental practice offers gentle, efficient, same-day teeth whitening treatments for our patients who desire a beautiful white smile. In many situations, whiter teeth provide a foundation for planning future cosmetic dental treatments, such as dental veneers, porcelain crowns, or dental implants. As the new restorations are…

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State of the Art Dental Crown Procedure

Cadent iTero™ – Improved Dental Crowns Aesthetic & Implant Dentistry of Atlanta is pleased to announce the addition of a revolutionary new tool to our practice making your dental crown treatments easier and more comfortable than ever. The Cadent iTero™ digital scanner, provides enhance precision, comfort and convenience as we custom make your dental crown…

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Tips from David Zelby DDS

Atlanta Dentist discusses food for dental health You might remember being told as a child (and possibly as an adult) to not eat too many sweets or candies for fear of developing cavities. Did you know, however, that your dietary habits can also have a positive effect on the health of your teeth and gums?…

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Atlanta Dentist Discusses Dental Cleaning

You might be familiar with the term “dental cleaning” from your regular visits to the dentist’s office. Along with daily brushing and flossing, your six-month dental cleanings are essential to keeping your mouth safe from the hundreds of kinds of oral bacteria that comprise dental plaque. If these germs have an opportunity to begin their…

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Denture Care

Cleaning Your Dentures Good Denture Care will increase your denture comfort and the lifespan of your dentures. Caring for your dentures should become part of your daily routine.  Taking a few minutes each day will assure that your dentures remain comfortable and natural looking.  Dr. David Zelby, is a prosthodontist, a true denture specialists. Prosthodontist…

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I was recommended this practice from another dentist who told me this is where she would send her own family. I can definitely see why. This is a state of the art practice that is clean, modern, and well lit. The staff did a superb job.

James R.

Everything about my experience was enjoyable. I felt like the practice used all of the most advanced and best technology out there which gave me a wonderful feeling of confidence. They were very professional and straight forward and I have never had a better dentistry experience. I'd highly recommend checking them out if you're looking for a new dentist. They're friendly and efficient and they really do know what they're doing there.

Meghan D.

Dr Zelby has been my dentist now for almost 17 years. Not only is he a really nice person, his dentistry is completely top notch. If you need any restorations, I don't think that there is another place to even consider. You'll be amazed with his work!

Brian S.

Dr. Levine was great, and Dr. Zelby stopped by and answered some questions I had about sheering forces on enamel. They were both very friendly, and the hygenist (whose name I forget, unfortunately) gave one of the most thorough cleanings I've ever had. The office was clean, the devices all seem shiny and well maintained, and overall it was a great experience

Benjamin S.

After going to another dentist, doctor Zelby was able to fix my front two teeth so that the front two teeth were back to the same length and color. I'm so thankful he was able to make them look normal again. Dr. Zelby and his staff are so pleasant to be around as well. I highly recommend this office if you have a major problem with your teeth that need to be fixed. He can get it done and he will make sure you are happy.

Carrie G.

I had been going to the same dentist for many years and switched to Aesthetic and Implant recently. My experience with Dr Levine was incredible. I cannot be happier with the decision I made. The cleaning and other services I received were well above and beyond any other I have ever had. Highly recommend this practice to everyone!

Matthew G.

Couldn't be happier! Absolutely worth the travel time. Dr Zelby is without doubt the best - caring, knowledgeable, reassuring and very professional. Couldn't ask for better dentistry. Staff also very competent and professional. Beautiful, clean environment

Diane W.

Megan is the best dental hygienist I’ve ever had. She does a phenomenal job keeping your teeth clean, is super nice, and makes you feel right at home. The whole staff is very friendly and I couldn’t recommend this place enough!

Vincent C.
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